About us

Luminos was born with a vision to be more than just a startup. Our founders, an ambitious group of technologists and creatives, saw technology as more than just tools—it was an innovative canvas waiting to be painted.

We aimed to blend exquisite design with leading-edge technology, creating a unique, interdisciplinary approach that integrated coding, design, and artistry.

On this journey, we’ve developed captivating mobile applications, built dynamic digital platforms, created interactive 3D models, and produced compelling films. Each piece stands as a testament to our commitment to integrating global technological innovation, wrapped in elegance and design.

Challenging norms, pushing boundaries, and offering innovative solutions—this is Luminos. Our diverse expertise and relentless drive for innovation has set the stage for us to make our mark in the digital technology landscape.

Today, as a startup, Luminos stands at the convergence of art and technology. We are constantly looking beyond, integrating the best of global technology trends. We see ourselves as a conduit—marrying sophistication, innovation, and functionality. Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to innovate, inspire, and illuminate the digital world with the distinctive touch of Luminos.